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Phintraco Technology is an Indonesian IT (Information Technology) solutions and services company.
It specializes in building, implementing and integrating customized enterprise IT solutions for its
clients. As an authorized distributor of cutting edge IT products, Phintraco Technology excels in
providing reliable technology communication services for secure data, IP telephony, contact center
technology, smart card technology, messaging gateways and securities among other services.

Phintraco at present employs more than 500 professionals in its Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya and
Bandung offices to serve its ever-growing customer base in and outside Indonesia. With over 20
years experience in industries that include banking, oil and gas, retail, hospitality and services
and telecommunication companies, it offers a complete range of innovative and customizable
integrated technology solutions.

Phintraco is recognized as the certified partner of global IT and communication leaders such as
Avaya, Verint, Gemalto, Nuance, Vasco, Datacard and Juniper, to name a few. These partnerships
give it access to best in class solutions which it has combined with its own in depth industry
experience to offer a complete suite of IT solutions and services to its many clients

PT. Phintraco Technology
The East Tower 17th Floor Jl. DR. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kav. E.3.2 No. 1
Kawasan Mega Kuningan Jakarta 12950 Indonesia
Phone: 62-21-2555 6188 Fax: 62-21-2555 6189

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Established in July of 2001 as a sister company to Phintraco Ekasarana, Aplikas Servis Persona has
succeeded in providing customers with solutions to network security issues as well as improving
overall security and managing systems. Our services also help our customers step up their business
growth. Aplikas Servis Pesona continues to serve you as an outstanding company driven to help
businesses and personal parties achieve network security. Our enthusiastic and innovative team
members are constantly working towards developments that will help us serve you best and more
efficiently in the future—we are always thinking ahead.

In general, the services offered by Aplikas Servis Pesona are varied but mostly include designing IT
Networks, using products and platforms to improve security, and managing IT systems. Our readily
available technical support available for immediate response whenever you require assistance with
any problems you might encounter. As a whole, Aplikas Servis Pesona works towards identifying your
unique business and technology needs and helping you meet them.

PT. Aplikas Servis Pesona
The East Tower 17th Floor
Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kav. E3.2 No.1Kawasan Mega Kuningan
Jakarta 12950 – Indonesia
Phone: +6221 2555 6128 Fax: +6221 2555 6129