5 Right Steps to Optimize SMS Marketing Campaigns for Businesses

30 April 2021 Admin Marketing Blog

All businesses need marketing strategy to boost their sales. In marketing, there are many ways to promote a brand, product, or services – both through digital platform or non-digital platform. However, in the world where everything comes with technology, running digital marketing is more interesting than the traditional one.

The examples of digital marketing strategy are placing your brand at TV ads, social media ads, and website. Surprisingly, when everyone thinks that social media is everything for placing a brand, there still another effective strategy with highest conversion. It is SMS marketing campaigns.

Why is SMS marketing campaign still effective amid social media advancements?

Among the rise of social media advancements, SMS is still relevant for today’s marketing strategy. How can it be possible?

SMS services for marketing strategy still have its own interesting advantages compared to social media platforms. For example, with SMS campaign, you can target the audience of your ads based on specific locations in real-time, make ads production processes faster, make your ads relevant for all customer groups, and the most important factor is it’s the most cost-effective strategy among other marketing strategies.

Similar to other marketing strategies, the key success factor to optimize SMS marketing campaigns is to implement the right steps to achieve its objectives. With the right steps, the result of SMS marketing campaigns can be optimized with simple ways.

5 Right Steps to Optimize SMS Marketing Campaigns for Businesses

1. Develop a concept and know your target audiences

The first step to optimize SMS Marketing campaigns is develop the concept of your SMS contents, define your theme and choice of words. Since it’s a short message, it means that you need to make the content as short as possible. In defining choice of words, you need to classify the profile of your target audiences based on their grouping – such as age, gender, job, interest, and their location to get higher conversions from your SMS campaigns.

2. Define the target of SMS campaign

When you intend to use SMS services as marketing strategy, you need to set the target of your campaigns – define what you want to achieve with this campaign. Is it for sales? Or just to grab more audiences and make your relationship with customers stronger than before? This step will help you measure the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns.

3. Set the best time for your audiences to receive SMS

Another right step to optimize SMS marketing campaigns is set the best time to send SMS. This become powerful strategy to get the best feedback from your audiences. The time for sending SMS can also be adjusted based on the movement of each audience in particular location.

4. Always put call to action

Do not forget to always put call to action (CTA) in your SMS content. CTA is the most important thing for marketing strategy. In this case, do not put a link to website as your CTA, because it could be considered as a phishing attack. It would be better if you invite your audience to follow your social media or just put a contact person.

5. Make your analysis report after campaign period

The last but not least, the right steps to optimize SMS marketing campaigns is make your analysis report after campaign period by evaluating the audience’s feedback of your SMS campaign. In this stage, you will be able to see the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns. 

Implementing these 5 right steps to optimize SMS marketing campaigns for businesses will help companies to have effective strategy for business success. To optimize your SMS campaign plan, you can utilize the complete SMS gateway services from MitraComm Ekasarana.

MitraComm is an SMS gateway service provider that has direct connections to all telecommunications in Indonesia. MitraComm offers SMS gateway services including Bulk SMS, SMS Location Based Advertising (LBA), SMS Contextual Advertising, Targeted SMS, and SMS Interactive Services.

Heretofore, MitraComm has been trusted by hundreds of companies across industries in Indonesia to provide SMS gateway services.

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