e-Meterai Usage on CPNS Registration Documents at SSCASN

02 November 2022 Admin Marketing Blog

The BKN (Badan Kepegawaian Negara) has made an official announcement regarding the launch of the SSCASN (Sistem Seleksi Calon Aparatur Sipil Negara) portal for the year 2022. SSCASN is the official website for CPNS registration nationwide and the primary registration portal for all Central and Regional agencies. Before registering, applicants must gather the necessary documentation. BKN applies its e-Meterai or digital seal to digital documents such as cover letters, statement letters, and other documents that require a seal. See the following article for more information on using e-Meterai in the CPNS registration document at SSCASN.

E-Meterai Simplifies the Completion of CPNS Registration Documents at SSCASN

In this 2022 CPNS admission selection system, BKN employs e-Meterai for documents requiring seals. Applicants can directly affix the seal to electronic documents for registration of CPNS in SSCASN by utilizing e-Meterai. It is believed that using e-Meterai on any electronic document will facilitate the application process. Permits applicants to perform affixing on any document type. e-Meterai can also be purchased directly from authorized e-Meterai distributors.

MitraComm Ekasarana is an e-Meterai Authorized Distributor

Through MitraComm Ekasarana’s business unit MitraComm Ekasarana Channel Solution, purchasing an e-Meterai is straightforward. On the MitraComm Ekasarana e-Meterai platform, the following steps are required to purchase an e-Meterai:

  • Before purchasing and affixing the e-Meterai, applicants are directed to register at
  • There are three user categories to choose from, but applicants need only select “personal” to proceed.
  • After completing the required data and information form, applicants can click the “register” button.
  • Select the login button and enter the registered email address and password if you already have an account.
  • After logging in successfully, click “Purchase” if you have never made a purchase.
  • To proceed to the “Turning” stage, applicants must enter information such as the date, number, and type of document that will be affixed with an e-Meterai.
  • Next, upload a document in PDF format, position the seal according to the applicable provisions, then click “Affix the Seal” followed by “Yes.”
  • Documents stamped with e-Meterai can be downloaded immediately as PDF files.

The document is prepared for use in completing CPNS registration documents at SSCASN. MitraComm Ekasarana, a subsidiary of Phintraco Group, guarantees the security of the e-Meterai turning process, despite the fact that it employs a digital system in the process.



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