Formulas to Optimize Business Digital Engagement

07 October 2022 Admin Marketing Blog

Every business owner wants their customers to be satisfied and return for more. However, as time passes, customer expectations will inevitably rise. Therefore, businesses must work harder to anticipate and meet the changing needs of their customers. This is where digital engagement can assist business owners in managing customer expectations. Furthermore, digital engagement can assist business owners in developing relationships with customers and providing a better experience. Given the importance of digital engagement, business owners should understand the 3C formulas for optimizing their company’s digital engagement. So, what exactly are the 3C formulas in digital engagement? Look at the review below!

Understanding Formula 3C in Digital Engagement

Consistent, compelling, and contextual are the 3C of digital engagement optimization. Attention to this 3C will help you understand how to optimize digital engagement as a good starting point for building relationships and emotional closeness with your customers. In addition, even using these three formulas will increase your company’s sales opportunities. Here’s an explanation of the three formulas:

  1. Consistent

The first C, consistent (consistent), is important in optimizing digital engagement. To achieve high engagement, you must consistently create content for digital marketing platforms like social media. First, create a plan, then implement a schedule to ensure the original plan uploads the content. Next, create a consistent customer journey across all channels by the image you want to project. If you treat each channel as a separate entity, your business risks losing customers.

  1. Compelling

In addition, compelling is an important formula in optimizing digital engagement. Even if you’ve created a consistent customer journey, your target audience will ignore it if it’s not engaging. Creating engaging digital media content aims to persuade the audience to respond to your invitation and take the desired action. For example, accessing your website and possibly purchasing your products. Therefore, use strong words to catch their attention when communicating with them.

  1. Contextual

Contextual (Contextual) is the final but not least important point; in fact, this is the ultimate formula—contextual means delivering the right content at the right time based on potential customers’ preferences. You can precisely target your prospects when they are about to make a purchase decision by focusing on specific behavior and demographic. Because your marketing is highly targeted, your conversion value will increase, and your sales will increase.

Implement Formula 3C to Optimize Your Business Digital Engagement

You must first understand these three formulas for optimizing your business’s digital engagement. Then, you can use digital engagement solutions to grow your business through customers. MitraComm Ekasarana can provide the best solution for your business through its business unit, MitraComm Business Process Service or MBPS. The business unit of a subsidiary of Phintraco Group is Indonesia’s leading provider of digital engagement solutions. We provide digital engagement solutions that can be tailored to your specific business requirements. In addition, we provide a solution for managing a business’s relationship with its customers through digital engagement. The trick is to combine the human and technological processes. Digital engagement solutions will assist your business in attracting sales leads, converting them into customers, and retaining existing customers.



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