Relia Get Rewards From HUAWEI

Relia as one Elite Partner from Huawei successfully won one category of nominations Huawei prepared beforehand. PT Relia Telemit Universe who has been cooperating with Huawei won the award in the category “Continuous PO”. This award is given to PT Relia Telemit Universe PO ongoing basis to the products of Huawei as an elite partner.

PT Relia Telemit Universe as a member of Phintraco GROUP obtain one of the highest award at the Huawei Enterprise Conference held on 19 May 2016, by getting rid of some other major competitors are also working with Huawei. There are several awards that are intended for the other Huawei partner but rewards obtained PT Relia Telemit Universe is one of the largest awards given directly by the CEO of PT Huawei Tech Investment, indeed very remarkable achievement. Acceptance of the award represented by one of the employees of PT Relia Telemit Universe proudly climbed onto the stage to receive the prize symbolically. Expectations for kedepanya awards like this can be found back in the coming year and be able to win the category of other-caterogi that this year can not be obtained.

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