IT Security

IT Security Overview

Phintraco Group, through Aplikas Servis Pesona, provides a wide range of IT security solutions and services, including data security, endpoint security, network security, and Security Monitoring and Tools. Our technical support is always ready to respond whenever you need assistance with any problems related to the solutions and services. We identify your unique business and technology needs and help you fulfill them.

Services Features

Implementation and Maintenance Services Implementation and Maintenance Services
Customer Services Support Available 24/7 Customer Services Support Available 24/7
Security Assesment Security Assesment

Aplikas Servis Pesona

Established in 2001 as a member of Phintraco Group, Aplikas Servis Persona has succeeded in providing customers with the best solutions for network security issues as well as improving overall security and managing systems. Aplikas Servis Pesona also helps customers step up their business growth to become an outstanding company by maximizing their network security. Our enthusiastic and innovative team members are constantly working towards developments and will help us serve you the best and more efficient solutions in the future—we are always thinking ahead.

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PT Aplikas Servis Pesona

The East Tower 17th Floor Jl. DR. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kav. E.3.2 No. 1 Kawasan Mega Kuningan Jakarta 12950 Indonesia
Phone : +6221 2555 6188
Fax : +6221 2555 6189
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