The Benefits of Implementing Outbound Call Center for Business Growth

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What is Outbound Call Center?

A call center within organization is divided into 2 services, they are inbound and outbound call center. In this article, we will focus on finding more about outbound call center and its benefits for business growth.

An outbound call center is an activity that allows call center agents to make outbound calls to an organization’s customers or prospects. These activities may be for market research, proactive customer service, sales, debt recovery or other purposes according to business requirements. In most cases, outbound call center services consist of Telecollection, Telemarketing, Telesales, Welcome Call, Data Cleansing, and Telesurvey. Let us take a look at these following explanation about outbound call center services and its benefits for business growth:

·         Telecollection

Telecollection is one of receivable management process. It is also known as reminder calls to client’s customers as an initiative for credit recovery to ensure “on-time payment”, and to reduce the risk of losses on receivables.

·  Telemarketing

Telemarketing is the process of finding new customers or generating interest in a brand, product or service by providing the information directly to potential customers over the phone. The benefits of implementing telemarketing is to find more new opportunities by making potential customer curious about product offered. It needs high-skilled agents to achieve the objective of having telemarketing services.

· Telesales

Telesales may sound similar to telemarketing, but the differences between these two services are its purpose. The purpose of telesales is to improve sales performance by selling products or services to customers through the calls.

·  Welcome call

Welcome call is one of outbound call center services that becomes the most effective way to create a long-lasting relationship with customers, especially new customers.

This outbound call center service consists of providing information about products or brands, promotion, and also about the company itself to customers in a more personal way when they have completed their transaction, so that it is expected that the company is always able to maintain customer trust and loyalty.

· Data cleansing

Data cleansing is a strategic approach to enrich business data for higher quality. By implementing this kind of service, organizations can select and remove corrupted, incorrectly formatted, duplicate, or incomplete data within datasets.

·  Telesurvey

Telesurvey is a survey carried out by call center agents over the phone. Establishing this service within a business let the customer know that the business really cares about hearing their feedback, so that a business is able to ensure customer satisfaction or take any possible wrongs, and turn them into rights.

Implementing outbound call center services is a strategic approach to build positive reputation and to support business growth. Since outbound call center services are crucial for business continuity, then organizations need to establish a reliable outbound call center management.

Organizations can leave their outbound call center activities to a business process outsourcing company. Partnering with the right business process outsourcing provider will help companies to have reliable outbound call center management that is supported by experts and updated technology to keep up with competitive business environment.

If you are looking for business partners that is providing outbound call center outsourcing services, you have come to the right place! You can rely on MitraComm Ekasarana to support and handle your outbound call center. To know further information about outbound call center services offered by MitraComm, do not hesitate to contact us at

5 Business Activities We Could Outsource to Grow Business

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Many organizations tend to avoid outsourcing to handle their some business activities, because they think it requires huge cost.  In fact, it is actually not true. They fail to calculate the value of opportunities lost because they invested too much time into tasks that can be best left to others. Having a business process outsourcing company as a business partner will help you more focus on more important matters, then it will make open new opportunities to increase revenue significantly.

In outsourcing services, there are some business activities we could outsource to a business process outsourcing company, it is commonly known as transactional process outsourcing. Did you know which business activities we could outsource to a business process outsourcing company?

1. Walk In Customer Service

One of business activities we could outsource to a business process outsourcing company is Walk In Customer Service. Walk In Customer Service is a front line staff that plays an important role in representing company’s image for customers. Therefore, you need to have high skilled and competent staff to manage this business activity. If you are partnering with a business process outsourcing company to manage Walk In Customer Service position within your organization, you do not need to think about their trainings needs and any other related requirements to fulfill the right fit to this position. A business process outsourcing company will dedicate their time to develop their employees’ skills in order to meet all criteria needed by clients.

2. Data Entry

Organized data is the key to accelerate your business growth. However, as a growing organization, you might find it challenging to keep a track of your data on a daily basis. Data Entry is a repetitive and will be time consuming task if it is not managed by professionals. Therefore, outsourcing Data Entry activities to a business process outsourcing company will be the right decision for every company.

3. Loyalty Management

In today’s digital era, business is becoming more competitive. Organizations need to find the right way to provide inovative services and maintain long lasting relationship with customers. Then, one of the right way to meet those goals is establishing Loyalty Management. In managing Loyalty Management activity, organizations need to concern about the extent to which you should approach, delight, and attract customers. By outsourcing this business activities to a business process outsourcing company, organizations  will be able to take a comprehensive approach to prevent valued customers from reaching out to competitors.

4. Direct Sales

At a time when agility and scalability are essential, outsourcing Direct Sales task to a business process outsourcing company is a proven way for organizations to quickly and effectively drive revenue. Direct Sales outsourcing enables organizations to take advantage of untapped opportunities by leveraging skilled resources.

5. Outbound Call

Outbound Call is a proactive activity handled by call or contact center teams to contact customers through phone calls and achieve certain business goals.

If an organization want to establish and manage in-house Outbound Call Center, they will face many challenges that will impact the productivity of their core businesses. It can also stretch human resources, as it requires hiring skilled and competent labor and implements expensive and complex equipments.

To overcome those challenges, an organization could outsource their Outbound Call activities to a business process outsourcing company. Outbound Call outsourcing services consist of Telecollection, Telemarketing, Telesales, Welcome Call, Data Cleansing, Telesurvey, and more. You can find more about outbound call services by clicking this link: (link)

To conclude, those are 5 business activities we could outsource to grow business. 5 mentioned business activities above are available in services offered by MitraComm Ekasarana. MitraComm Ekasarana is a business process outsourcing company that was established in 2007. At present, as a business process outsourcing company in Indonesia, MitraComm is supported by more than 150 experts and 8,000 NP staff, with a capacity of more than 4,000 seats.

MitraComm is fully supported by Phintraco Group, an IT solution provider company in Indonesia that has served more than 200 customers across industries in providing the best IT solutions to meet business needs in today’s digital era. To ensure the quality of services provided to customers, MitraComm has 8 locations across the city center of Jakarta, Tangerang, Semarang, Surabaya and Yogyakarta.

Do not hesitate to contact us at to know further information about all MitraComm’s business process outsourcing services and to consult with out professional teams before taking the right steps for having a business process outsourcing company as your business partner.


The Advantages of Contact Center Outsourcing for Business

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In today’s digital era, contact center plays important role in a business. The quality of contact center is becoming increasingly important to affect customer’s trust on a product or brand. Therefore, contact center outsourcing has been becoming a growing trend in the world of business for many years. Why is that so?

Before we get into the specifics of the advantages of contact center outsourcing, let us first know how critical the role of contact center to the overall success of a business.

According to research from Temkin Group, 65% of customers say that a positive customer service experience is more influential than great advertising.

Another research from American Express reveals that 69% of customers say they will spend more with a company that provides good customer service.

Based on those facts and statistics, we can conclude that having good customer service quality is a must for every company across industries.

The importance of providing good customer service quality makes contact center outsourcing become a growing trend in business literature. Then, do you want to know the advantages of contact center outsourcing? Here are what you need to know about the advantages of contact center outsourcing:

1. Competent employees

The first advantages of having contact center outsourcing partner is every outsourcing provider dedicate their efforts, time, and their resources toward improving employees or agent skills to implement customer service’s best practice and keeping up with industry standards.

A company can rely on contact center outsourcing services to have competent employees and specific expertise in customer service, allowing them to focus on what their business does best.

2. Cost and time savings

Another advantages of contact center outsourcing is helping companies to save their time and cost. When companies choose to outsource their contact center, it means that they have reduced their cost and time spending for certain processes like recruiting, onboarding and training new employees or agents, dealing with high rates of employee turnover, also eliminate cost for building contact center infrastructure such as office space and modern technology implementation to support customer service.

3. Besides providing better services to customers, contact center outsourcing also help companies to get new business opportunities

A contact center outsourcing provider will provide transparency into all customer interactions, and capture them with modern technology support to help a company realize more value from captured interactions that are useful for the future of their business strategy.

4. Contact center outsourcing handle the complex technology operation, so you do not have to

The last but not least, the advantages of contact center outsourcing is helping companies reduce complexity in operating modern technology.

The presence of modern technology for contact center operations is now more complex than before, making the management of contact center operations even more complicated if it is handled by parties who are not competent in customer service. A company can solve those challenges if they work together with a contact center outsourcing provider that is supported by a series of modern technologies that always keep up with customer needs and trends.

By reading this article, you have got information about the advantages of contact center outsourcing. Contact center outsourcing comes in all shapes and sizes, and different levels of service quality.

Before choosing contact center outsourcing provider, it will be much better if you prepare important points such as defining clear targets, understanding company’s culture, and picking the right partner. You can find out what you need to know about the things to keep in mind before outsourcing your contact center by clicking this link.

Are you now in the process of choosing the right partner for outsourcing your contact center? We provide recommendation for you, watch this “MitraComm Customer Success Story” video to find out the answer. Click this link

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5 Key Strategies for Improving Customer Service

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To survive and thrive under a competitive and crowded business environment, a company must attract more customers to increase sales and implement the right strategies for improving customer service. Why is it a must? Because no matter how good your product is, if customers are not satisfied with the services, they will pay closer attention to the bad customer service experience.

In this article, we will dive deep into the key strategies for improving customer service that you can implement to grow your business. Here are the points.

1. Respond promptly to your customers’ inquiries

If a customer service agent can give prompt responses to all customers’ inquiries, indeed it will create a business with more satisfied customers. To implement this strategy, you need to train your agents’ skills regularly and supported by adequate systems to help agents work promptly.

2. Make customer feedback part of your strategies

Customer feedback is the most important aspect to evaluate your service level. By knowing what we need to improve, then you can adjust your customer service strategy that can be implemented by the customer service agents.

It is important to know that customer feedback is not only about customer complaints submitted through email, chat, SMS, or other modern platforms. Every interaction between agents and customers is a hidden, yet valuable feedback.

Therefore, you need to have call recording systems to help you monitor all interactions between agents and customers, and turn those interactions into valuable insights to decide the right business strategies and decisions in the future.

3. Complete your service with omnichannel support

Today’s all activities closely depend on modern technologies. Everything becomes digital, and all customer have now switched to use digital platform to find their needs. Therefore, for improving customer service, you need to complete your service with omnichannel support. Omnichannel is a cross-channel content strategy that companies use to improve their customer experience and drive better relationships across points of channel. To get more information about omnichannel support, find the information here. (link)

4. Offer 24/7 customer support

This is an important strategy for you if you have a large customer base. If a company offers 24/7 customer support, customers will find it easier to contact you any time. To implement this strategy, you need to hire multiple customer reps and have a dedicated customer support team that works in shifts to handle all customer inquiries.

5. Stay competitive and improve customer service by outsourcing your contact center

If you are able to implement those 4 strategies successfully, then having excellent customer service is not just a dream. However, the question is “does every company has time and opportunity to specifically build strategies and the right teams to improve customer service?”

Creating a successful business with excellent customer service is not a simple task. It requires good planning and consistent implementation. Therefore, you need to choose and work together with contact center outsourcing provider, so that the goal of improving customer service can be realized.

Working together with contact center outsourcing provider allows companies to improve customer service, while focusing on other strategic tasks to grow their business. Outsource your weaknesses, so you can focus on your business strengths.

To know further information about the benefits of using contact center outsourcing services, please click this article:

Further information:

3 Things to Keep in Mind before Outsourcing Contact Center

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The presence of various customer service channels makes contact center operations more challenging to manage if an organization does not implement the right strategies. To be able to manage it well and keep updated with customer growing needs, there are some things to be prepared by the management.

Implementing updated and relevant technologies and hiring competent employees that can provide the best customer services are just the two aspects of many required preparation for companies, there are still many things to be prepared by companies such as complete infrastructures and strategic locations.

If a company does not have time and enough resources to complete all processes and implement contact center best practices, they can try to outsource their contact center as the main solutions. However, since it will be crucial for business growth and reputation, there are 3 things to keep in mind before outsourcing contact center. Here are what you need to know before making critical decision for outsourcing contact center:  

1. Define the targets

Every business is different, so it is important to have a clear starting point and understand what role contact center plays in a business. Thus, before outsourcing contact center, a company need to define expected targets that must be achieved by contact center outsourcing provider.

Later on, these points will also make it easier for contact center outsourcing provider to determine the right solutions and services to meet the targets that have been previously defined.

2. Understand the culture

Every company has its own culture that make them unique. It is expected every company’s culture can be recognized and valued by its customers. In this case, how companies treat their customers will closely reflect that culture. So, it is understandable that many companies fear losing their real culture when they choose to outsource their contact center.

To solve this challenge, before outsourcing contact center, companies need to clearly outline the culture and look for a contact center outsourcing partner that understands and able to implement it when providing services to customers.

Preparing this point will make sure that the contact center outsourcing partner can offer the same level of customer service as the in-house team.

3. Pick the right partner

After defining the targets and understanding the culture, it is time to continue preparation processes by looking at potential contact center outsourcing provider. In this phase, companies need to know the track records of their potential contact center outsourcing partner.

Try to find out their track record, such as knowing their customer base. If your partners are experienced in providing services to the same industry as yours, surely they will be able to provide services and solutions that are in line with your business goals.

In addition, you also need to know what services do your potential contact center outsourcing partner offer, make sure the contact center outsourcing partner you choose is up-to-date with current technologies, and last but not least is about locations.

To conclude, preparing these 3 points will help companies decide better decision before outsourcing contact center.

Companies will get more benefits of outsourcing their contact center if they are picking the right partner. One of companies that provides contact center outsourcing services is MitraComm Business Process Services or Mitracomm.

Since 2007, MitraComm has been partnering with hundreds of leading companies in indonesia across industries. Besides providing complete contact center outsourcing services, MitraComm also offers services that are supported by modern technologies.

Indeed, MitraComm’s experiences has made them able to manage contact center operations within any companies, it is not a big deal to offer the same level of customer service as your in-house team. Therefore, by partnering with MitraComm, you can ensure that your contact center will help you implement values, principles, vision and mission when providing services to customers.

MitraComm is fully supported by Phintraco Group, an IT solutions provider in Indonesia that has been serving over 200 customers across industries to provide best IT solutions and services and meet all business needs in the digital era. To complete its services to customer across Indonesia, currently MitraComm has 8 contact center locations in the city center of Jakarta, Tangerang, Semarang, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta.


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Phintraco Group Berpatisipasi di Ajang The Best Contact Center Indonesia 2020

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19 November 2020 – Phintraco Group berpartisipasi di ajang tahunan yang diadakan oleh Indonesia Contact Center Association (ICCA) bertajuk “The Best Contact Center Indonesia 2020” melalui dua anak perusahaannya, MitraComm Ekasarana dan Phintraco Technology sebagai salah satu sponsor dan panelis.

Meski diadakan secara virtual karena masih dalam situasi pandemi, tidak mengurangi antusias seluruh peserta dalam mengikuti seluruh rangkaian kegiatan acara ini, mulai dari tahap kompetisi hingga acara contact center conference.

Ajang The Best Contact Center Indonesia mengadakan kompetisi yang dapat diikuti peserta dalam 3 kategori: kategori individual, teamwork, dan korporat. Kompetisi ini diikuti oleh lebih dari 52 instansi, baik lembaga pemerintah, badan publik, dan perusahaan swasta di Indonesia dengan total 265 peserta dan 122 pemenang.

Sejalan dengan tujuan acara, yaitu untuk meningkatkan peranan contact center dan customer service terhadap kualitas layanan pelanggan, kegiatan contact center conference di ajang The Best Contact Center Indonesia 2020 ini menghadirkan 10 pembicara profesional, praktisi contact center, konsultan contact center dari berbagai perusahaan dan penyedia solusi contact center, yang salah satunya adalah perwakilan dari MitraComm Ekasarana, anak perusahaan Phintraco Group.

Wibowo Putra selaku Sales Manager mewakili Phintraco Group, menyampaikan materi tentang “Toward Irreplaceable Services” di ajang The Best Contact Center 2020 pada kegiatan Contact Center Conference. Materi ini membahas mengenai kondisi contact center Indonesia secara keseluruhan, seperti perkembangannya dan juga berbagai tantangan yang saat ini sedang dihadapi dunia contact center.

MitraComm Ekasarana sebagai perusahaan BPO di Indonesia, sangat memahami akan kondisi, perkembangan dan tantangan yang dihadapi dalam dunia contact center. MitraComm senantiasa berperan dalam memberikan solusi dan layanan terbaiknya untuk contact center dengan memastikan seluruh solusi dan layanan yang diberikan selalu mengikuti perkembangan teknologi, memenuhi kebutuhan dan ekspektasi client yang terus berkembang, mengikuti perubahan customer behavior, serta memastikan agent dan karyawan yang bekerja juga mengikuti perkembangan teknologi.

Sebagai perusahaan penyedia solusi contact center, MitraComm Ekasarana dan Phintraco Technology berharap dengan adanya kontribusi perusahaan dalam ajang The Best Contact Center Indonesia 2020, akan memberikan semangat baru untuk seluruh praktisi contact center agar perkembangan contact center Indonesia akan jauh lebih baik, dan akan semakin memberi kesadaran kepada pelaku industri tentang pentingnya memiliki contact center yang dapat diandalkan.

Terutama, saat ini contact center menjadi sangat penting perannya, karena menjadi garda terdepan untuk perusahaan berkomunikasi dengan pelanggan, serta menjadi salah satu pendukung kinerja perusahaan di masa krisis. MitraComm Ekasarana dan Phintraco Technology siap membantu perusahaan untuk meningkatkan kualitas contact center dengan menyediakan solusi dan layanan terbaiknya yang dapat disesuaikan dengan seluruh kebutuhan client.

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Partisipasi Phintraco Group di Ajang The Best Contact Center Indonesia


Fakta dan Statistik Seputar Outsourcing yang Perlu Anda Ketahui!

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Outsourcing telah menjadi tren dalam dunia bisnis sejak tahun 1989. Kini, kehadiran perusahaan yang menawarkan jasa outsourcing semakin banyak dan layanan yang ditawarkan pun semakin beragam. Perkembangan outsourcing yang sangat pesat ini dapat terjadi karena banyak perusahaan yang menyatakan bahwa kehadiran jasa outsourcing membantu bisnis mereka semakin berkembang dan mampu menjadi yang terdepan di tengah persaingan yang semakin ketat.

Lalu, apa saja alasan yang menjadikan layanan outsourcing kini kian digemari dalam dunia bisnis? Mari simak beberapa fakta dan statistik seputar outsourcing yang perlu Anda ketahui!

Mengapa outsourcing semakin menjadi pilihan strategis bagi perusahaan untuk mengembangkan bisnisnya?

Berdasarkan penelitian yang dilakukan oleh Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey[1], terlampir beberapa fakta dan statistik mengenai alasan yang menjadikan perusahaan memilih jasa outsourcing untuk bisnisnya. Diantaranya adalah:

  • 59% perusahaan menggunakan jasa outsourcing untuk mengurangi atau mengontrol biaya.
  • 57% perusahaan menggunakan jasa outsourcing agar dapat fokus terhadap tujuan dan objektif bisnisnya.
  • 47% perusahaan menggunakan jasa outsourcing untuk mengatasi masalah kapasitas.
  • 31% perusahaan menggunakan jasa outsourcing untuk meningkatkan kualitas layanan yang diberikan kepada pelanggan.
  • 28% perusahaan menggunakan jasa outsourcing untuk mendapatkan bantuan dari tim yang profesional dibidangnya.

Jenis layanan outsourcing yang paling banyak dipilih perusahaan

Secara global, IT Outsourcing dan Business Process Outsourcing mendominasi industri outsourcing saat ini. Jenis layanan yang paling banyak dipilih perusahaan adalah untuk customer support, database administration, system support, disaster recovery, dan network operations.

Berdasarkan beberapa hasil fakta dan statistik seputar outsourcing di atas, kita dapat menyimpulkan bahwa telah terbukti secara global bahwa memanfaatkan jasa outsourcing dapat memberikan keuntungan yang cukup besar bagi perusahaan.

Dengan membaca fakta dan statistik seputar outsourcing di artikel ini, diharapkan Anda mendapatkan pemahaman yang cukup baik tentang alasan dibalik perusahaan memanfaatkan layanan outsourcing. Baik untuk perusahaan rintisan maupun korporasi, memanfaatkan layanan outsourcing merupakan pilihan strategis yang pantas untuk Anda pertimbangkan.

Jika Anda tertarik atau sedang membutuhkan layanan outsourcing, Anda telah berada di tempat yang tepat! Sebagai perusahaan yang menyediakan layanan Business Process Outsourcing, MitraComm Ekasarana adalah salah satu pilihan tepat bagi bisnis Anda. Dengan pengalaman lebih dari 13 tahun, MitraComm telah bekerjasama dengan berbagai perusahaan dari berbagai industri di Indonesia untuk menyediakan layanan outsourcing terbaiknya.

Jika Anda ingin mengetahui informasi lebih lanjut mengenai MitraComm atau berdiskusi mengenai layanan outsourcing yang tepat bagi bisnis Anda, Anda dapat menghubungi kami di



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