5 Key Strategies for Improving Customer Service

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To survive and thrive under a competitive and crowded business environment, a company must attract more customers to increase sales and implement the right strategies for improving customer service. Why is it a must? Because no matter how good your product is, if customers are not satisfied with the services, they will pay closer attention to the bad customer service experience.

In this article, we will dive deep into the key strategies for improving customer service that you can implement to grow your business. Here are the points.

1. Respond promptly to your customers’ inquiries

If a customer service agent can give prompt responses to all customers’ inquiries, indeed it will create a business with more satisfied customers. To implement this strategy, you need to train your agents’ skills regularly and supported by adequate systems to help agents work promptly.

2. Make customer feedback part of your strategies

Customer feedback is the most important aspect to evaluate your service level. By knowing what we need to improve, then you can adjust your customer service strategy that can be implemented by the customer service agents.

It is important to know that customer feedback is not only about customer complaints submitted through email, chat, SMS, or other modern platforms. Every interaction between agents and customers is a hidden, yet valuable feedback.

Therefore, you need to have call recording systems to help you monitor all interactions between agents and customers, and turn those interactions into valuable insights to decide the right business strategies and decisions in the future.

3. Complete your service with omnichannel support

Today’s all activities closely depend on modern technologies. Everything becomes digital, and all customer have now switched to use digital platform to find their needs. Therefore, for improving customer service, you need to complete your service with omnichannel support. Omnichannel is a cross-channel content strategy that companies use to improve their customer experience and drive better relationships across points of channel. To get more information about omnichannel support, find the information here. (link)

4. Offer 24/7 customer support

This is an important strategy for you if you have a large customer base. If a company offers 24/7 customer support, customers will find it easier to contact you any time. To implement this strategy, you need to hire multiple customer reps and have a dedicated customer support team that works in shifts to handle all customer inquiries.

5. Stay competitive and improve customer service by outsourcing your contact center

If you are able to implement those 4 strategies successfully, then having excellent customer service is not just a dream. However, the question is “does every company has time and opportunity to specifically build strategies and the right teams to improve customer service?”

Creating a successful business with excellent customer service is not a simple task. It requires good planning and consistent implementation. Therefore, you need to choose and work together with contact center outsourcing provider, so that the goal of improving customer service can be realized.

Working together with contact center outsourcing provider allows companies to improve customer service, while focusing on other strategic tasks to grow their business. Outsource your weaknesses, so you can focus on your business strengths.

To know further information about the benefits of using contact center outsourcing services, please click this article: https://phintraco.com/manfaat-menggunakan-jasa-contact-center-outsourcing-bagi-perusahaan

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Peresmian Gerai Customer Service Center Traveloka di Semarang Didukung oleh MitraComm Business Process Services (MBPS)

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Traveloka merupakan perusahaan teknologi penyedia jasa travel dan lifestyle booking terdepan untuk destinasi lokal dan internasional dalam satu platform, pada 3 Mei 2019 telah meresmikan dua gerai Customer Service Center di Semarang oleh President Traveloka Group Operations Bapak Henry Hendrawan, CEO Transport Traveloka Bapak Caesar Indra, bersama dengan Wakil Wali Kota Semarang Ibu Hevearita Gunaryanti Rahayu, Kepala Bidang TIK Dinas Kominfo Provinsi Jawa Tengah Bapak Akhmad Syaifillah, dan dihadiri juga oleh Direktur MitraComm Bapak Kelvin Gonatha.

Sebagai perusahaan penyedia layanan contact center untuk pelanggan, mulai dari outsourcing, man power outsourcing, business process outsourcing, contact center hosting dan juga pelatihan, MitraComm Business Process Service (MBPS) mendukung peresmian gerai milik Traveloka di Semarang yang memperkerjakan sekitar 650 (enam ratus lima puluh) masyarakat lokal di Semarang dan sekitarnya, di mana kehadiran gerai customer service ini memainkan peranan yang sangat penting untuk menciptakan dan mengembangkan pelayanan terpadu kepada pelanggan Traveloka di seluruh Indonesia.

Seturut dengan komitmen Traveloka untuk memberikan layanan yang lebih baik bagi pelanggannya secara keseluruhan, Mitracomm juga bertekad mendukung sepenuhnya komitmen tersebut dengan berbagai pelayanan yang disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan Traveloka, dan membantu traveloka memenuhi komitmennya terhadap pelanggan di seluruh Indonesia yang siap melayani selama 24 jam setiap harinya.

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