4 Benefits of Using a Biller Aggregator in The Era of Increasing Cashless Transactions 15 July 2022 Blog

4 Benefits of Using a Biller Aggregator in The Era of Increasing Cashless Transactions

The demand for online payment systems is increasing among the general population. Unsurprisingly, non-cash transactions have increased, and this process is also extremely simple for business clients. Customers can utilize the online payment method to acquire the desired product or service. Similarly, businesspeople also use such instances to develop a company. Businesses can provide a method for receiving and processing customer payments.

This is possible through the use of the payment acceptance service. Providing various payment services is admittedly a challenging task. It is considering that the risk of fraud is rising in the present day. As a result, business owners require a billing aggregator provider that facilitates the payment process and ensures transaction security. So, what is a biller provider aggregator exactly?

Biller Provider Aggregator or Biller Aggregator

A biller provider (biller) aggregator is a business model that acts as a mediator between the merchant and the party receiving payment. This payment system is referred to as an aggregator because it offers payment services for multiple banks without requiring opening a bank account. And hence, biller aggregators are third parties that collect all merchant transactions through a single account.

By the existence of a biller aggregator, business owners are no longer responsible for handling non-cash transactions. In the meantime, customers can use various electronic payment methods to complete payment transactions via a biller aggregator. As a result, those who utilize biller aggregators can operate their businesses more efficiently and transact with customers more effectively. In addition, business players are not required to manage the payment process regularly.

Benefits of Using a Biller Aggregator

In the midst of a growing demand for non-cash payments, businesses will benefit from implementing a non-cash payment system. Here are the benefits of using a biller aggregator:

  1. Simple in Operation

The online payment system that biller aggregators provide for business owners is their primary source of revenue. Therefore, it is unlikely that the billing aggregator provider will impose complicated registration, configuration, and usage requirements.

  1. Speed Approval Processes

The second benefit of using a biller aggregator is faster transaction processing between businesses and customers. The money sent by the customer is typically deposited directly into the business’ bank account within 24 to 48 hours.

  1. Accept Payments Instantly

Once the biller aggregator has processed the payment system, businesses can accept online payments from various payment methods, eliminating the need for businesses to register with multiple banks for payment system cooperation. In addition, the biller aggregator can assist businesses in setting up payment systems with various banks with a single registration.

  1. Low-cost Structures

Small businesses will undoubtedly benefit from reasonable service fees. Moreover, the capital a business owns at the start of operations is insufficient to cover the cost of bank cooperation. This is the reason why a biller aggregator can be one of the most practical and profitable payment options for businesses that are new to using one.

You can get those advantages by using a biller provider aggregator or biller aggregator. Once your business uses a biller aggregator, the business can immediately transact non-cash with customers practically. So, both business people and customers are facilitated in buying and selling. In this case, MitraComm Ekasarana Channel Solution (MECS), one of the business units of MitraComm Ekasarana, is the best Billing Aggregator Provider in Indonesia. MitraComm Ekasarana is one of Phintraco Group’s subsidiaries as a leading technology company in Indonesia. Phintraco Group has collaborated with many companies from various industries to meet all the IT needs of the company. So, you don’t need to doubt the quality of the biller aggregator service offered by MECS.


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MitraComm Ekasarana Channel Solution, Biller Aggregator with One Simple Integration for Multiple Payment Systems 13 July 2022 Blog

MitraComm Ekasarana Channel Solution, Biller Aggregator with One Simple Integration for Multiple Payment Systems

Currently, e-commerce products are in high demand among the general populace, especially for young individuals who desire convenience in all aspects of life, including shopping. This is unquestionably an opportunity for business owners, as many of them prefer to shop online. Due to the proliferation of e-commerce, numerous aggregator companies are competing to support e-commerce growth.  One of them is a third-party biller aggregator that serves electronic payments for e-commerce. This is very useful for e-commerce payment protection for customers.

MitraComm Ekasarana Channel Solution

MitraComm Ekasarana, through one of its business units, MitraComm Ekasarana Channel Solution, is one of the biller aggregator service providers for digital product payment solutions. MitraComm Ekasarana has three business units: MitraComm Ekasarana Channel Solution (MECS), MitraComm Business Process Services (MBPS), and MitraComm Ekasarana Service Office (MESO). Since 1999, MitraComm Ekasarana Channel Solution has specialized in providing system integrators and electronic transaction services. MitraComm offers E-Stamp Authorized Distributor, Switching Gateway, Payment Gateway, SMS Gateway, Biller Aggregator, e-Commerce Payment, Mobile Application Solutions, Mobile Banking Solution, E-Reload Services, and other IT solution services. All services provided by MECS are of the highest quality because they are backed by a team of professionals and an array of cutting-edge technologies. biller aggregator simple integration

Companies with the Best Biller Aggregator Services

One of the best services offered by MECS is the Biller Aggregator, a service that enables owners of online product bills to accept online or online payment for their products. MECS is a provider of biller aggregator services that has partnered with more than 320 billers, 60 banks and payment points, and more than 280 E-Commerce. MECS has served various clients, including retail and marketplaces in Indonesia, banking, B2C and B2B payment applications, credit business people, and PPOB. biller aggregator simple integration

MECS offers payment solutions for all digital products, including PLN bill payments, PDAM, Telkom, Taxes (PBB and Other Regional Taxes), Prepaid and Postpaid Credit, Internet Data Packages, Online Game Vouchers, BPJS, National Online Samsat, and Transportation Ticket Reservations, among others, for biller aggregator services. As a biller aggregator that provides payment solutions for various digital products, integration simplicity is a must. MECS, as a biller aggregator service provider that focuses on Business-to-Business (B2B) cooperation, will strive to improve the quality of service and variety of products required by the community, particularly in Indonesia.

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Biller Aggregator Simplifies Digital Product Transactions for Customers 11 July 2022 Blog

Biller Aggregator Simplifies Digital Product Transactions for Customers

The digital demands of the Indonesian population continue to expand the electronic payment industry. Numerous electronic payment services include PPBO, marketplaces, and banking. Without saa biller aggregator, business electronic payment services cannot function effectively. Biller aggregators play a role in satisfying customers of payment services’ demand for digital product payments and streamlining the transaction process.

The vast majority of Indonesians conduct bill payments and other digital transactions through PPOB or minimarkets because they are closer to their homes. Another reason is that a significant number of people still have limited banking experience, limited to withdrawing or transferring funds. Those familiar with banks, however, are accustomed to using banking channels such as tellers, ATMs, internet banking, and mobile banking to make payments. biller aggregator simplifies transactions

Therefore, banks must incorporate billing payment services into their systems. The more comprehensive the payment product in banking services, the more convenience it provides to customers or clients. Electronic payment managers and the banking industry require biller aggregators to complement their products and services. However, what is a biller aggregator? Examining the explanation! biller aggregator simplifies transactions

What Is a Biller Aggregator?

Many business people are unaware of the significance of biller aggregators to their operations. A biller or billing provider aggregator is an electronic payment solution provider for businesses that offer bill payment services for digital products. Biller aggregator distributes credit purchases, data packages, PLN electricity tokens, PDAM payments, telephone bills, TV subscriptions, paying motorcycle instalments, BPJS dues, electronic money top-ups, game vouchers, microinsurance, booking travel tickets, purchasing transportation tickets, Samsat, PBB, and other digital products to payment service providers.

Cooperating with numerous banks, payment counters, and other transaction entities makes it difficult for business owners to send monthly bills to their customers. Especially in the operational process of the business, where the biller must reconcile data and funds to each CA / Collecting Agent (including banking channels, payment counters, payment points (PPOB), and modern networks of minimarket channels), this requires a great deal of time and effort. As a result, Biller aggregators play a significant role in meeting the demand for business customer payments for digital products. biller aggregator simplifies transactions

The Importance of Billing Provider Aggregator for Business

It can be said that the presence of a biller aggregator service provider is crucial for business growth. The use of payment services provided by biller aggregators as a payment method is also incredibly profitable, moreover, for startups that do not yet have substantial capital to partner with banks. Due to the existence of a biller aggregator, businesspeople no longer need to open numerous bank accounts, which consumes a significant amount of time and money. Biller aggregators offer benefits that conventional banks do not, including a simple payment system. Despite charging an administration fee, biller aggregator payment services typically apply for flat payments with a relatively small nominal for each transaction. This will undoubtedly be ideal for companies seeking to expand their operations.

MECS as a Biller Aggregator Provides Payment Solutions for Various Digital Products

MitraComm Ekasarana, one of Phintraco Group’s subsidiaries, is a pioneering provider of electronic payment solutions. MECS, or MitraComm Ekasarana Channel Solution, is one of the business units of MitraComm Ekasarana. MECS offers, as one of its services, a biller aggregator. As a biller aggregator, MitraComm Ekasarana Channel Solution distributes various digital products, including PLN, PDAM / Aetra, Telkom, PBB Samsat, Prepaid / Postpaid and Internet Data Packages, Online Game Vouchers, Installment Payments, and others.

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