The Advantages of SMS Advertising Strategies You Should Know

16 May 2022 Admin Marketing Blog

SMS stands for Short Message Service, one of the community’s communication options. Due to various communication tools, SMS is rarely used as the primary mode of communication. However, every mobile device has this SMS feature because it is one of the communication tools that does not require internet access.

To extend the market and attract as many customers as possible, business owners must be able to use every marketing channel available to them. SMS Advertising is one channel that which businesses can sell their products or services that companies don’t widely use. What is SMS advertising, and what are the benefits of using SMS advertising strategies to promote your company? Let’s have a look at some specific details.

An Overview of SMS Advertising

SMS marketing is one strategy for promoting a product or service via mobile phones. With bulk SMS, businesses can send short messages to a wide range of customers. This SMS advertising also called SMS marketing technique might assist your company in increasing brand awareness and audience trust. Implementing an effective and appropriate CTA (Call to Action) can also aid in lead conversion.

Advantages of SMS Advertising Promotional Strategies

Many businesses overlook the benefits of SMS advertising as a marketing medium because of the concentration on digital platforms. Whereas SMS marketing strategies are beneficial for any business that urgently needs to reach out to more customers. Here are the advantages of using SMS advertising as one of the promotional strategies:

  1. SMS has higher Open Rates than Email

According to Gartner, one of the advantages that many business owners are unaware of is that SMS advertising has a 98 % open rate and a 45 % response rate. When an SMS campaign is run, nearly 98 % of customers open the SMS advertising, and up to 45 % respond to the CTA or call to action in the SMS advertising. This is superior to email since email has a spam folder feature that automatically detects if the email contains promotions sent continually. Email users may also choose which promotional communications to mark as spam. Customers will open SMS promotions more frequently if the copywriting is intriguing. SMS marketing is one approach worth considering if your company wants to reach out to customers more consistently.

  1. Mobile-friendly

Currently, having a mobile-friendly look in marketing your business is preferable. This is because, according to Kominfo data, 100 million people used smartphones in 2018. If businesses can reach that many customers, they will have a great opportunity. SMS advertising may market your brand in a mobile-friendly format and can be an effective marketing strategy.

  1. Broader Reach Through Demographics

SMS advertising may help you determine the specific location you want when sending an advertising message and help spread the text message automatically because it uses the telco provider’s database. Feel the advantages of reaching out to a wide range of demographics to promote your business’s products or services.

There are many more advantages to employing an SMS advertising campaign strategy. Mitracomm Ekasarana is an SMS advertising provider. Mitracomm Ekasarana can help you offer the greatest SMS Advertising to your business since it has direct connections to all telecommunication providers. Furthermore, MitraComm Ekasarana, through MECS (MitraComm Ekasarana Channel Solution), can provide SMS Gateway services such as SMS Banking, Push & Pull SMS, SMS Broadcast / Bulk SMS, SMS online transaction, SMS Advertising such as Location-Based Advertising, Contextual Advertising, Targeted SMS, SMS Interactive Services, and others. With MitraComm Ekasarana, you may reap the various advantages of SMS advertising.


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