Tips to Improve Values in Contact Center

16 February 2022 Admin Marketing Blog

A contact center is one of the divisions that directly interact with customers. Thus, contact center agents must represent the company’s values well to have loyal customers for the company. Besides, contact center agents must also have a uniqueness to become a remarkable selling point and beat the competitors through the contact center. So, how to have a unique selling point in the contact center? One of the powerful strategies is to improve values in the contact center.

Improve Values in the Contact Center

To elevate the customer experience, companies need to improve their contact center performance. Therefore, they can get loyal customers as the further results of the services provided. Below are some tips on how to improve values in the contact center.

  1. Communicate with customers regularly

The fact that a company needs to get more transactions and revenues sometimes makes the interaction between the contact center and customers only stuck on driving sales. Yet, your company should not focus on driving sales directly but also on building consistent customer communication. Communicating with customers to build their trust is important to increase value at the contact center. Make sure that customers are happy with the services offered by your company so they can stay loyal to your company.

  1. See from the customer point-of-view

Contact center agents have to handle thousands of customers every day. This responsibility makes some agents just want to get their job done without paying attention to the customer. Contact center agents are supposed to handle customer-reported problems from the customer’s point of view, not just the company’s templates. Doing this will make the customers feel valued, as the agent strives to meet their expectations and fulfill their needs.

  1. Offer complete information about new products

The contact center usually acts as a customer service to report product-related problems or even find out more information about offered products. Contact center agents also ensure that customers maximize the use of the products they purchase. To increase sales and attract customers to use your company’s products continuously, agents can offer or provide detailed information about new products to customers.

  1. Emphasize the goal to increase customer satisfaction

Building empathy when serving customers can improve the customer experience. When agents show their genuine willingness and emphasize the goal to serve customers well, it will increase customer satisfaction. Therefore, customers will be loyal, and the company will get more profits.

  1. Expand agent knowledge with value-added services

Providing customer service with qualified and knowledgeable agents through value-added takes a long and complicated process. However, it will have a long-term impact on the company. This process takes commitment and focuses on continuously adding better “value” to the various customer services provided. To do this, you will need to broaden your agent’s expertise and consider applying new techniques in the contact center division to help them thrive during changing market conditions.


Many companies use third parties as their contact center outsourcing. Make sure your contact center agents provider also has value-added services such as training programs to add more value to your contact center agents. MitraComm Business Process Services (MBPS), a business unit of MitraComm Ekasarana, a subsidiary of Phintraco Group, provides various value-added services for contact center agents. MBPS has certified trainers and experienced practitioners who will facilitate the motivational and soft skills training programs. Besides, MitraComm also provides advanced skills development through online training (E-Learning Center) and Premises.


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