SMS Gateway: a Useful Solution for Your Business

22 November 2021 Admin Marketing Blog

Do you want to attract more customers to your business? You can use SMS Bulk to attract customers via SMS Marketing Campaign/ Promotion to visit your business store. SMS Bulk is easier to use because it is connected with an SMS gateway. What is an SMS gateway, how does it work, and how does it benefit your business? Let us find out in the following explanation.

What is SMS Gateway?

SMS gateway is a system that can send two-way messages over a cellular network. Messages will be automatically sent to customers without the need to write manually. An SMS gateway makes it easy for your company to connect with targeted customers and get conversions instantly. SMS gateway is the same thing as an API, but it is just a different name, which is a gateway.

How SMS Gateway Works

An SMS gateway sends SMS text messages to the cellular phone network via the SMPP interface, either directly or through an aggregator that sells messages to multiple cell phone networks. SMS gateway can be operated using a computer in several ways, such as:

  • Via REST API. The software developer will send and receive SMS messages via HTTP to the REST API.
  • Using Web Pages. When the customer enters personal information such as a cellphone number and name, an SMS message will automatically be sent.

Benefits of SMS Gateway for Your Business

In this digital transformation er, SMS is still used by some people. The reason is that SMS can send messages effectively, quickly and does not require the internet to reach the recipient. Therefore, an SMS gateway can help you carry out campaigns and other needs to facilitate your business processes. Here are the benefits that companies get when using an SMS gateway:

SMS Marketing Campaign/ Promotion

This type of SMS Marketing Campaign / Promotion is very suitable to spread the promotion your company is holding. Using the right call to action can increase lead conversion.


SMS LBA is a type of SMS Location-Based Advertising. This method of sending SMS utilizes information on the location of the target customer who is close to the BTS provider. This SMS is suitable for those of you who have a store in a particular area, so you can attract customers to visit your store via SMS if the target customer is around your location.

SMS Targeted

Targeted SMS is a promotion through SMS addressed to customers that the company’s target database profiling has determined by utilizing active cellular phones that can be reached on a city-wide scale.

SMS One Time Password (OTP)

SMS OTP is essential for your company to protect customer data. Two-way verification is needed to avoid data breaches. This verification can be done by using SMS OTP.

SMS Notification/ Alert

Proof of online transactions is sometimes not available immediately, or the request is complicated. However, by using SMS Notification/Alert, the process will be easier, and the proof of transaction will be saved.

Implement SMS Gateway with MitraComm Ekasarana Channel Solution

MitraComm MECS (Mitracomm Eksarana Channel Solution) is a technology solutions provider and system integrator company. It was established in 1999 as a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group. One of the solutions provided by MitraComm is the SMS Gateway solution.

With experience in serving more than 270 clients, MitraComm is ready to serve the SMS gateway based on your company’s needs. MitraComm has the best SMS gateway solution service because it directly connects to all telecommunication providers in Indonesia. The SMS gateway solutions offered by MitraComm include SMS Banking, SMS Tokens, SMS Transactions, Push & Pull SMS, SMS Broadcast/ Bulk SMS, SMS online transactions, and SMS Advertising (LBA, Profiling).

MitraComm is ready to serve your company by providing the best service with a team of qualified experts in the fields. MitraComm has served various industrial sectors, such as banking, insurance, FMCG, retail, startups, etc. MitraComm also provides a monitoring support service that operates 24/7 to ensure your company is always under the supervision of a team of experts.

Contact us at to find out more about SMS Gateway solution services.

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