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02 March 2022 Admin Marketing Blog

Digital transactions have become incredibly popular nowadays. Documents that used to be only in a paper form have also developed into electronic format. Today’s society tends to use electronic documents because it is practical. Electronic documents are also considered legal by the law to conduct digital transactions. The Indonesian government is aware of this trend and has finally expanded the scope of the stamp duty, which was initially only for physical documents, now to include electronic documents. This amendment is stated in UU No 10 Tahun 2020. e-Meterai or electronic seal is a new thing for the Indonesian people, so they still need to learn more. Do you know what e-Meterai is and what it is used for? Do you know what documents that require an e-Meterai? Let us see a brief explanation of e-Meterai in the following article.

An Overview of e-Meterai

The seals or stamps we know so far are only in physical form, a paper label usually affixed to important documents. The same function as a paper stamp, e-Meterai is a seal or stamp affixed to an electronic document using a digital system. This digital system automates the creation, distribution, and attachment of e-Meterai to electronic documents. So far, e-Meterai is used by state-owned banks as the first users. However, this electronic meterai will gradually be used in various public electronic transactions considered stamp duty objects. Currently, legalized e-Meterai has a value of IDR 10,000.00 as a stamp duty rate.

Documents That Require e-Meterai

Just like the conventional stamp or meterai, e-Meterai will also be subject to stamp duty. Stamp duty is a tax levied on documents produced to explain a civil event or records used as evidence in court. The following list is some examples of a civil document that is considered as the object of stamp duty:

  • Memorandums of Understanding (MoU), or other related documents and its copies;
    • Notarial deeds and grosse, including its copies and excerpts;
    • PPAT (Land Officer’s) deed and its copies;
    • Commercial papers;
    • Securities transaction documents in any name or form, including futures contract transactions in any name or form;
    • Tender documents, including excerpts, minutes, copies, and grosses;
    • Documents stating a sum of money above IDR5 million, either entirely or partially; and
    • Other documents referred to in Undang-Undang 10 Tahun 2020 concerning Stamp Duty (“UU Bea Meterai”).

Legitimate e-Meterai Characteristics

To make sure that your tax payments towards electronic documents are valid, you must understand the following characteristics of electronic meterai:

  • A QR code with a serial number that serves as a unique code
  • A specific representation of the national symbol, Garuda Pancasila
  • A written phrase of METERAI ELECTRONIC
  • A numerical number and its nominal value that represents the stamp duty rate, which is 10000 or SEPULUH RIBU RUPIAH


So, that is the explanation of e-Meterai at a glance that you need to know. This e-Meterai will be widely used soon. Make sure your e-Meterai is authentic (original) and comes from an official distributor. MitraComm Ekasarana Channel Solution (MECS) has been trusted as the official distributor of e-Meterai by PERURI. MECS is a business unit of Mitracomm Ekasarana, a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group. MECS distributes electronic seals or e-Meterai to 3 available channels: collectors (WAPU), wholesalers, enterprises, and end-users. You can purchase e-Meterai by accessing the website.


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