Social media has become an important tool for marketing strategy. If we are looking on today’s trend, everyone use social media platform to find information or entertainment – at anytime and anywhere.

For companies, this trend can be their advantages if they are able to use it at its best. However, the challenges are managing more than one social media account will spend a lot of time and effort, because there are a lot of things that we need to focus on – both for making contents or handling customer interactions.

However, “every problem has a solution.” This phrase is also applies to managing social media challenges. Nowadays, there are several ways for companies to optimize social media to know customers better.

Let us find information about 3 ways to optimize social media to know customers better!

1. Find every interaction related to your business on digital platform

Data from potential or customer interactions on social media is potential for business growth. Social media user interactions generate big amount of data, but they are spread across multiple platforms. Therefore, manual way is no longer relevant to find all information about products, brands, competitors, and current trends.

Companies need to know all information related to their business, and they can get all of those information with the implementation of digital listening platform.

Digital monitoring platform is able to crawl conversation regarding  your brand on some digital channels such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Blog, Forum, News portal, etc.

By using digital listening platform, companies will be able to find out public opinion and expectation on similar products or services and measuring the effectivity of competitor’s acitivities.

2. Manage customer interactions across channels quickly and accurately

Customer do interactions on several platforms based on their preferences, so that companies need to prepare strategy to manage all interactions quickly and accurately. Indeed, manual way is no longer relevant to run this operation.

An omnichannel platform is a right solution to solve social media challenges. With omnichannel platform, all customer interactions across channel can be handled by agent in one platform.

Platform omnichannel dilengkapi dengan fitur berikut ini

· Integrated ticketing system

Omnichannel platform is enable agents to work effectively by integrating all interactions across digital channel to one ticketing system.

· Collaboration system for agents

Omnichannel platform is able to improve the quality of agents collaboration to reduce respond time. If an agent cannot handle certain case, the agent can distribute tickets to different agent who has specific skills.

·  Integrated systems to customer database from all social media channels

Omnichannel platform is enable agent to manage customer agents across channel on one single system.

· Real-time reporting system

Omnichannel platform provides customer interaction reports in real-time, including reports about agent performance.

3. Implement proactive customer services

Customer loyalty will depend on how companies treat their needs. When a company provide satisfaction to customers, customer will be willing to buy a product or use the same service over and over again. It means that customer loyalty will be easier to obtain by implementing proactive customer services.

To support companies implementing proactive customer services, now they can utilize omnichannel automation platform.

This platform can help agent teams to make customer segmentation easlily, customized marketing strategy based on each customer preferences, content management, and prepare future customer service strategy based on available data.

Optimizing social media to know your customer better is the right strategy for today’s business in digital era. MitraComm Ekasarana as one of BPO company in Indonesia, offers Digital Engagement services for companies at all sizes and any industry.

As we have mentioned earlier, MitraComm will help companies to optimize social media to know customers better by offering 3 main platforms such as digital listening, omnichannel, and omnichannel automation.

Social media is the best place to find out customer trends. Optimizing social media to know your customer better is the successful key to make business more adaptive and one step ahead of the competition.

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