Elevating Customer Satisfaction Through the Contact Center

18 February 2022 Admin Marketing Blog

The company’s reputation depends on customer satisfaction with the company’s services. Customers usually evaluate a company’s quality by comparing the services they get and what they want. The company’s job to understand the standards of customer expectations is only halfway through the actual effort to do. Other things that are also significant are meeting those expectations and passing the evaluation through the contact center as the company front line. This article will discuss the criteria for evaluating customer service and how companies can elevate customer satisfaction through the contact center.

Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Criteria

According to a study conducted by MIT Sloan, there are some criteria that customers take as an indicator of their satisfaction evaluation towards the services provided by the company through the contact center. Here are 3 of them:

1.    Reliability

When contacting the contact center, the customer expects the agent to provide the right and straightforward solution to the problem. In this process, customers will evaluate the ability of contact center agents to provide services and solutions consistently and accurately according to their needs.

2.    Responsiveness

Responsiveness evaluated by customers is the willingness and commitment shown by the contact center in helping customers. Besides this criterion, customers also expect contact center agents to provide services quickly.

3.    Empathy

Empathy has an important role in the relationship between a company and its customers. When a contact center agent can show genuine empathy for a customer, it will help reassure them that they have been heard and a solution will be provided immediately.


Use Business Process Services Solution to Elevating Customer Satisfaction

The company must provide qualified contact center agents who meet the criteria above and successfully pass the evaluation of customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, many companies find it challenging to find and employ qualified human resources. For this reason, companies need outsourcing services from a Business Process Services (BPS) service provider that also provides contact center agents outsourcing and various valuable training. Contact center outsourcing offers many benefits for companies; one of them is elevating customer satisfaction. Maximum results will also be obtained if BPS provider companies offer value-added services.


Trust MitraComm Business Process Services

Choosing a BPS service provider company is not easy. There are several things that must be considered to get a qualified and experienced company. MitraComm Ekasarana is a subsidiary of Phintraco Group that provides BPS services through one of its business units, MitraComm Business Process Services (MBPS). With approximately 15 years of experience, MBPS has collaborated with many corporate partners to provide various solutions and services related to BPS. Entrust your company to MBPS to elevate customer satisfaction and the company’s business processes efficiency, especially in the contact center.


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