Examples of Campaigns Using SMS Advertising

18 May 2022 Admin Marketing Blog

Do you know what SMS Advertising is? In summary, SMS advertising is a method of promoting your product or service using SMS (Short Message Service). Currently, only several businesses use SMS as a promotional tool since they believe digital media is the most effective. SMS has a relatively high open rate of around 98 %. So that your company does not make a mistake when choosing a promotional strategy, we will discuss what types of campaigns businesses may use when employing SMS advertising this time.

5 Types of SMS Advertising Campaigns that Can Apply to Your Business

When using SMS for business promotion, ensure you have the correct CTA (Call to Action) to ensure the campaign runs well. SMS advertising is frequently used to reach as many customers as possible in a specific location. Consider the following campaign types to ensure that the goals of the campaign you wish to conduct are met:

  1. Discount Offers

The company frequently gives discounts within a specific time period. You may use SMS advertising to promote the discount information offered within a specific time frame to attract customers. This is so that SMS Advertising may push people to acquire products or services from your company right away.

  1. Latest Updates

Changes in shop operation hours should be communicated to customers via SMS advertising. Customers that are already loyal to your brand will be aware of the update faster. You can also share information on recently released items to entice your customers to purchase the new item.

  1. Customer Information Service

Consumers usually use social media to search for company customer service. You can also disseminate customer service information using SMS advertising to increase customer engagement as you’ll be closer to customers.

  1. Grand Prize Program Information

A business will frequently run a lottery within a specific time frame. You may also utilize SMS Advertising to inform your customers about an ongoing rewards lottery program, which will increase your brand loyalty.

  1. Increasing Digital Media Exposure

Currently, Digital media is becoming the primary channel for product promotion. You can increase the exposure of your digital marketing by using SMS advertising. To lead customers to your platform, use SMS as a trigger. Links to buy, register, or learn more about your product can be included.

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