Supporting Contact Center Agents Through Digital Transformation

03 December 2022 Admin Marketing Blog

Agents in contact centers play a crucial role in ensuring that customers receive the necessary information, reducing their anxiety about problems, and supporting the businesses they represent. Agents now require the proper resources and support systems to access relevant information that facilitates their work.


Daily Contact Center Agent

Every day, agents strive to ensure customer satisfaction. Not only are agents hired to handle phone calls, but also emails, chats, and text messages. Agents are at the forefront of companies that deal with customer anxieties and sometimes require complex problem-solving strategies. They must manage high customer expectations, fierce competition, and rapid multichannel interactions.

Technology Reduces Contact Center Agents’ Workload

The continuous advancement of digital transformation enables contact centers to provide customer service in new directions. Artificial intelligence technology allows agents to obtain the fundamental information required to resolve customer issues. The presence of an omnichannel solution can also facilitate agents’ identification of potential customer issues across multiple channels simultaneously.

Contact Center Digital Transformation Steps

Discuss with the Contact Center Agent

Discuss plans for digital transformation with agents. Explain how technology is used to reduce workloads rather than replace them. As with initiatives in general, some employees may resist change.

Selecting the Ideal Partner

Select a dependable and ideal partner to obtain all of the benefits of digital transformation. Ensure that partners have relevant services and track records in the world of contact centers

Testing Contact Center Quality

Test the outcomes of technology implementation with one or two contact center teams when assigning agents to the test team, including employees who oppose the initiative. This will increase confidence in all parties’ initiatives.

MitraComm Supports Digital Transformation in Contact Center

MitraComm Ekasarana fully supports the use of technology that can reduce the workload of agents daily. Our solutions can provide contact center operations with convenience, efficiency, and flexibility.


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